Gourmet jars

WECK gourmet jars 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) and 300 ml (10.6 fl.oz)

The WECK gourmet jars have a capacity of 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) and 300 ml (10.6 fl.oz). Due to their wide mouth they can be used as serving bowls. The WECK gourmet jars are perfect for small pastries, quiches and cakes. Beyond that they are appropriate for hearty spreads and dips.

You may find some useful information about WECK's preserving method and history in our category Nice to know. Moreover we provide you with some recipes for WECK jars.

  • gourmet jar 80 ml

    gourmet jar 80 ml

    (2.8 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 40 mm

  • gourmet jar 165 ml

    gourmet jar 165 ml

    (5.8 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 80 mm

  • gourmet jar 300 ml

    gourmet jar 300 ml

    (10.6 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 120 mm