Decorating and gifts

WECK® jars used in a different way

It's not just nice for yourself to store home-made things and to present them at your home. With little effort and some tips and accessories you can make a really great gift out of your home-made products such as cake in jars or preserved treats. A jar itself is a valuable wrapping which protects the content inside it, but applying coloured lids, doilies, labels, greeting cards and ribbons you're going to create a unique and individual gift.

But for sure there are a lot of more ideas how to use jars for decoration and gifts. We would like to seize on your ideas and deco tips. Please write to us: info@einkochwelt․de. Subject: deco tips.

Decorating a WECK® jar

It doesn't matter if it's done in a simple or spectacular way, but WECK® jars can be converted easily to beautiful elements that help to decorate your home and to create great gifts for your loved ones. A piece of decorative band, some decorative stones and tea light are enough to convert a 290 ml (9.8 fl.oz) WECK® mold jar into a decorative lantern.