Preserving in Fido jars

The Italian way of preserving

In these parts normally WECK® jars are used for preserving, but in Italy people prefer the Fido swing-top jars produced by the Italian manufacturer Bormioli Rocco. Preserving in Fido jars is exceptionally simple and quite similar to the WECK® preserving method.

Fillings for Fido jars

Fido jars are as flexible as WECK® jars. You can employ Fido jars for conserving fresh food in salt and vinegar. Moreover Fido jars are suitable for producing pateurised food and jam. Preserving is sustainable and easy.

Fido jars: Four steps of preserving

First of all cook and let cool down the filling good. Then fill and close the Fido jars. You should remember to alwayse use Fido jars with a new rubber ring.

Now place the Fido jars in a waterbath. Therefore you can employ a pot filled with lukewarm water. Fido jars should be boiled keeping the timeframe like the recipe says. Let Fido jars then cool down in the same waterbath.

To check if a vacuum has been created open the swing top of the Fido jars. Only if swing top and Fido jars remain connected there is a vacuum.

If you like to tast the filling good you prepared remove rubber rings from Fido jars. Thus the vacuum is released and Fido jars can be opened easily.

Please note

For pasteurisation just use Fido jars with a maximum capacity of 1,5 litres (52.8 fl.oz). If you intend to clean Fido jars in the dishwasher remove the wire clip. Rubber rings should only be used once, but Fido jars can be reused without any problem. Moreover rubber rings for Fido jars shouldn't be brought into contact with 100% fatty substances.

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