Deco jars

WECK® deco jars from 220 ml (7.7 fl.oz) to 1062 ml (37.4 fl.oz)

Simply beautiful are the bulbous and voluminous WECK® deco jars. We sell WECK® deco jars in different sizes that are suitable for preserving, starters, salads, bowls and decoration at the same time. Because of their special shape deco jars of the traditional German manufacturer are often used for the presentation of special dishes at home, in the restaurant or for catering.

You may find some useful information about WECK®'s preserving method and history in our category Nice to know. Moreover we provide you with some recipes for WECK® jars.

  • Deco jar 220 ml

    deco jar 220 ml

    (7.7 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 60 mm

  • deco jar 560 ml

    deco jar 560 ml

    (19.7 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 80 mm

  • deco jar 1062 ml

    deco jar 1062 ml

    (37.4 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 100 mm