Gugelhupf jars

WECK® gugelhupf and muffin jars from 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) to 280 ml (9.9 fl.oz)

Baking in jars has always been an important issue – also for WECK® as the jars of the traditional German brand are heat-resistant up to a temperature of 200° C. The American muffin and the Austrian gugelhupf are made for this purpose. That's why Einkochwelt®'s assortments now contains WECK® gugelhupf and muffin jars.

You may find some useful information about WECK®'s preserving method and history in our category Nice to know. Moreover we provide you with some recipes for WECK® jars.

  • gugelhupf jar 80 ml

    gugelhupf jar 80 ml

    (2.8 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 40 mm

  • gugelhupf jar 165 ml

    gugelhupf jar 165 ml

    (5.8 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 80 mm

  • gugelhupf jar 280 ml

    gugelhupf jar 280 ml

    (9.9 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 100 mm