About Le Parfait

Le Parfait – tradition since 1830

Le Parfait – to be translated by "the perfect one" – is a French glass brand whose commencements return to the year 1830. At that time the brand was founded in Reims by Verreries Mécaniques Champenoises. Le Parfait's jars got popular in the 1930s – in an era characterized by the lack of fridges in private households.

In the year 2004 the brand was bought by Owens Illinois Sales and Distribuation that is seated in Villeurbanne nearby Paris. Nevertheless the production takes place in Puy-Guilliaume in the Southern region of Auvergne. Per year the manufacturer produces about 20 million units made exclusively of white glass.

Today Le Parfait is one of the most famous glass brands not only in France, but also in Italy and Spain. Einkochwelt®'s assortment contains the Le Parfait series Super Bocaux, Super Terrines and Familia Wiss.