Tulip jars

WECK® tulip jars from 75 ml (2.6 fl.oz) to 2700 ml (95.0 fl.oz)

Tulip jars are modeled on nature. The tulips were worth gold into the 19th century because of their grace and beauty. Like the popular plant WECK® tulip jars have a bulbous bottom and a vaulted top.

WECK® extended its tulip jar series with a new model. The 75 ml (2.6 fl.oz) jar is definitely smaller than the other WECK® tulip jars. Thus WECK® responds to the increasing demand of small and single portions and the wish to carry sauces and dips seperately and in sustainable "to go" containers.

You may find some useful information about WECK®'s preserving method and history in our category Nice to know. Moreover we provide you with some recipes for WECK® jars.

  • tulip jar 75 ml

    tulip jar 75 ml

    (2.6 fl.oz)
    lid Ø 40 mm

  • tulip jar 220 ml

    tulip jar 220 ml

    (7.7 fl.oz)
    lid Ø 60 mm

  • tulip jar 370 ml

    tulip jar 370 ml

    (13.0 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 80 mm

  • tulip jar 580 ml

    tulip jar 580 ml

    (20.4 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 100 mm

  • tulip jar 1062 ml

    tulip jar 1062 ml

    (37.4 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 100 mm

  • tulip jar 1750 ml

    tulip jar 1750 ml

    (61.6 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 100 mm

  • tulip jar 2700 ml

    tulip jar 2700 ml

    (95.0 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 100 mm