Baking in jars

Baking cake in jars and sustainable storage

WECK® jars are not only suitable for preserving, but also for baking. Baking in jars is possible because WECK® jars resist to temperatures up to 200° C.

Baking in WECK® mold jars

WECK® mold jars are classic jars, but can also be applied for many different purposes. For example they are used for preservingfermentation, storage, decoration and naturally baking in jars is. Therefore their wide mouth is obviously a useful characteristic.

Einkochwelt® sells WECK® mold jars in many different sizes from 50 ml (1.8 fl.oz) up to 1550 ml (54.6 fl.oz) as it's important to find the right size for the cake you decided to bake. Smaller WECK® mold jars are suitable for baking muffins or quiches. In bigger WECK® mold jars you can bake ordinary cakes. People who like classic marble cake also like baking in jars when they have to produce many portions of equal size. 

So baking in jars isn't only appropriate for private parties, but also for professional caterers. When cake is served in WECK® mold jars or presented on a buffet it's also a feast for the eyes. Nevertheless it's important to respect the thermal shock, i.e. the difference between the temperature of the jars and their base that shouldn't exceed 50° C.

Baking in WECK® gourmet jars

WECK® gourmet jars are an alternative to classic WECK® mold jars. The 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) and 300 ml (10.6 fl.oz) WECK® gourmet jars are perfect for baking in jars. Their wide mold size can be applied for many purposes such as pasties, quiches and mini cakes that can be easily be brought down after baking in jars.

Pasties, quiches and cakes can be let in the jars after baking. Thus they serve as small serving dishes for privat parties and professional buffets.

Baking in WECK® gugelhupf jars

WECK® gugelhupf jars are primarily designed for baking in jars. Einkochwelt® offers this type of jars in the sizes of 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz), 165 ml (5.8 fl.oz) and 280 ml ( 9.9 fl.oz). Their specially formed glass walls give classic Austrian gugelhupf its distinctive form.

Naturally WECK® gugelhupf jars are nevertheless suitable for baking in jars when it's about creating other self-made cakes like American muffins or typical French lemon cake. Of course WECK® gugelhupf jars can be applied for baking pasties and quiches.

Baking and preserving in the same jar

WECK® jars are not only ideal for baking in jars as they resist to temperatures up to 200° C. Another advantage is that you can preserve pasties, quiches and cakes in the same jar. Thus you save energy and water that would normally be required for cleaning the jars.

Einkochwelt® offers WECK® jars in different sizes and accessories in original quality like WECK® rubber rings that are available in 54 x 67, 74 x 86 and 94 x 108 mm and designed for temperatures up to 120° C. Beyond that WECK® clips are required for preserving. Einkochwelt® sells them in a set of six pieces. Orignal WECK® accessories guarantee good preserving results in the classic preserving pot or in the water bath.

Storage in jars

The advantage of WECK® jars is to conserve food for a very long time. Beyond that filled WECK® jars can be frozen. Doing so you should place the glass lids directly onto the WECK® jars although WECK® rubber rings resist to cold temperatures up to -24° C.

Other jars lik twist-off jars and swing-top jars are absolutely suitable for unpacked shopping and the storage of flour, sugar and other ingredients needed for baking in jars. Self-made cookies can also be kept in these jars.

Beyond that it's a nice idea to create "own" baking mixtures. This isn't only interesting for private individuals who like to give away self-made delicacies, but also for retailers like bakeries and farm shops.

Baking in jars: Instructions

Especially cake mixtures like e.g. Madeira or chocolate cake are suitable for baking in jars. Also sponge mixtures can be baked in jars. The method is this one in principle:

  • Produce dough
  • Butter or oil WECK® jars and dust them with flour to facilitate to bring down the cake out of the jars
  • Fill dough into WECK® jars, but leave half of the jars empty
  • Remove lids before baking in jars
  • Follow recipe because baking temperature and time depend on the size of the WECK® jars (for 250 ml jars about 25 minutes at 175° C are required)
  • Test with a skewer: Put it into the baked dough and remove it – if parts of the dough remain on it cake is ready
  • If the cake isn't supposed to be eaten immediately place lids onto the jars, close the jars and let them cool down

Videos tutorial: Baking in jars with Alex Wahi

Recipes for baking in jars