Juice jars

WECK® juice jars from 290 ml (10.2 fl.oz) to 1062 ml (37.4 fl.oz)

The famous WECK® juice jars are ideal for juices, self-made lemonades, smoothies, cocktails, dips and sauces. Einkochwelt® sells the elegant juice jars of the traditional German manufacturer in different sizes and with a mouth of 60 mm.

You may find some useful information about WECK®'s preserving method and history in our category Nice to know. Moreover we provide you with some recipes for WECK® jars.

  • juice jar 290 ml

    juice jar 290 ml

    (10.2 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 60 mm

  • juice jar 530 ml

    juice jar 530 ml

    (18.7 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 60 mm

  • juice jar 1062 ml

    juice jar 1062 ml

    (37.4 fl.oz)
    lid ∅ 60 mm