Einkochwelt: Two new WECK® mini jars

Small preserving jars continue to be trendy. That's why Einkochwelt® clients from now on can order two new 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) jars produced by the traditional German company WECK®.

Recently a WECK® tulip jar with a capacity of only 75 ml (2.6 fl.oz) and 40 mm lid was incorporated in Einkochwelt®'s portfolio. Now two new types of jars will be added.

WECK® gugelhupf jar for cupcakes

The new WECK® gugelhupf jar with a capacity of 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) and a 40 mm lid is suitable for cupcakes. It's even smaller than the 165 ml (5.8 fl.oz) jar with 80 mm lid and the 280 ml (9.9 fl.oz) jar with 100 mm lid that are already part of the Einkochwelt® assortment.

All three jars are heat-resistant up to temperatures of 200°C and thus suitable for baking in jars. Beyond that they have got a grooved inner surface to give cupcakes, muffins and gugelhupfes their classic form.

WECK® gourmet jar for sauces, dips and chutneys

The 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) gourmet jar is also new to Einkochwelt®'s assortment. It's distinguished from the 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) gugelhupf jar by its even inner surface.

Basically the 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) gourmet jar is made for preserving like all WECK® jars, but because of its small capacity it's more appopriate for filling sauces, dips or chutneys. Like this self-made delicacies can be transported in a practical, safe and sustainable container. Alternatively WECK®'s new 80 ml (2.8 fl.oz) gourmet jar can be used to stock spices and herbs on the kitchen shelf.

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