Fermentation starter kits including original WECK® and Le Parfait jars

Apart from classic preserving fermentation is very popular at the moment. For this reason Dosen-Zentrale Züchner GmbH designed three starter kits for newbies under the name of Einkochwelt®. An original WECK® or Le Parfait jar and a recipe booklet are the essential parts of these fermentation starter kits.

In France, Spain and Italy Le Parfait jars are traditionally used for preserving. Nevertheless they are suitable for fermentation as well. The fermentation starter kits designed by Dosen-Zentrale are ready to sell, i.e. they can be used immediately.

Le Parfait starter kits

The Le Parfait starter kits contain a swing-top jar of the Super Terrine series. One version of the fermentation starter kit includes a jar with a volume of 750 ml (26.4 fl.oz). The other version includes a 1000 ml (35.2 fl.oz) jar. Both swing-top jars are closed by a 100 mm lid. The fermentation starter kit is completed by an original Le Parfait rubber ring and two semicircular fired claystones to weight the filling goods.

WECK® starter kit

Beyond the Le Parfait fermentation starter kits Einkochwelt® offers a starter kit including a WECK® cylindrical jar with a capacity of 1590 ml (56.0 fl.oz). A serial 100 mm glass lid and a silicone lid of the same size are included with delivery. Moreover the WECK® starter kit contains a smaller 60 mm WECK® glass lid to weight the filling goods, an original WECK® rubber ring and two WECK® clamps made of stainless steel.

Recipes developed by star chef Heiko Antoniewicz

The highlight of every Einkochwelt® fermentation starter kit is the recipe booklet that contains a short manual and some recipes developed by Heiko Antoniewicz. The star chef is trendsetter in the gastronomy scene since many years. Searching for culinary trends he combines classic cook craftwork with modern science, traditional methods and innovative technologies. He is a trendsetter in the field of fermentation. His book "Fermentation" published in 2015 is today considered a standard work for amateurs and professionals.

Fermentation is sustainable

Already 6000 BC man used fermentation to keep vegetables, meat and fish durable. In these days when sustainability is popular fermentation is making a comeback as this method doesn't require any heating or cooling. Beyond that additional preservatives, vinegar and yeast aren't needed to prepare basic ferments. Food is just put in a brain of water and two up to five percent of (non iodised) salt. After three to five weeks of storage e.g. lactic acid is created in a natural way to keep the filling durable.

Healthy and tasty

If you leave food for a while it changes its smell, structure and taste – microbes tamper it and normally it perishes. Fermentation is the regulation of this process in a controlled manner. Bacteria or fungi, so called "good organisms", decompose food into its parts as nutrients. During the fermentation process food changes its taste in a positive way. Not only new and complex flavours are developped, but food also becomes more digestible.

Another advantage: Jars and accessories can be used several times and even over years. Moreover fermentation doesn't cause any packaging waste unlike packaged food.

More information about our fermentation starter kits and fermentations itself can be found here: https://www.einkochwelt.de/en/nice-to-know/fermentation.html

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