Bormioli Rocco: Quattro Stagioni twist-off jars in new sizes

The elegant twist-off jars of the Quattro Stagioni series have a long tradition in Italy. Einkochwelt® now offers three new jars of the manufacturer Bormioli Rocco to its clients.

A new article in Einkochwelt®'s assortment ist the Quattro Stagioni twist-off jar with a capacity of 2000 ml (70.4 fl.oz) and a 110 mm lid. The Quattro Stagioni jar with a capacity of 3000 ml (105.6 fl.oz) and a 160 mm lid is even bigger. The third new twist-off jar produced by Bormioli Rocco containts 3800 ml (133.7 fl.oz) and is closed by a 160 mm lid.

Bormioli Rocco's three new twist-off jars are absolutely up to date and supply the demand of bigger preserving jars. Beyond that these sizes are perfect for fermentation.

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