Le Parfait: Traditional French brand new in Einkochwelt® range

New swing-top jars for self-made food. We expand our range to Le Parfait products for bottlers and resellers.

Le Parfait is in France a byword for preserving jars and food storage since the beginning of the 1930s. Most recently Einkochwelt® expanded its range to the swing-top series Super Bocaux (round), Super Terrines (mold) and Familia Wiss (screw-top jars with vacuum lid).

Le Parfait jars are known in France and parts of Southern Europe. Everywhere you meet these products with the famous brand relief – in the supermarket, the holiday apartment and gastronomy. So far it has been difficult to get these jars in Germany.

Now Einkochwelt® offers Le Parfait jars for bottlers and resellers as carton or pallet goods. There is also an INOX version with stainless steel bracket for professional use.

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