Four new Fido jars for spaghetti and other food

Einkochwelt® has started to sell four new jars of the Fido series produced by the Italian manufacturer Bormioli Rocco. The models Fido 500 ml (17.6 fl.oz), 750 ml (26.4 fl.oz), 1000 ml (35.2 fl.oz) and 1490 ml (52.4 fl.oz) are cylindrical and much longer as classic round or square Fido jars. The 1490 ml Fido jar is perfectly suitable for the storage of spaghetti thanks to its extremely long form.

Freezer-safe Fido jars

Einkochwelt® delivers all Fido jars including swing-top and rubber ring. Einkochwelt®’s assorments covers volumes between 125 ml (4.4 fl.oz) and 5000 ml (176.0 fl.oz). Fido jars can be used to store food easily at home or for unpacked shopping. They are also suitable for the sustainable packaging of to go dishes and out of home sales.

All Fido jars are designed for preserving and fermentation of self-made delicacies. The Fido 500, 750, 1000 and 1490 ml jars are freezer-safe up to a temperature of -20°C (-4°F), i.e. they can be applied for freezing food or as sustainable ice packages at home and in ice-cream parlours, farm shops, manufactories and retail shops.

Wide range of Bormioli Rocco products

Bormioli Rocco is one of the leading glass manufacturers worldwide and known for high-quality household goods, storage jars and preserving jars. Einkochwelt® distributes not only the Fido series, but also Quattro Stagioni twist-off jars, Swing swing-top bottles and various bottles produced by Bormioli Rocco.

Einkochwelt® offers an aligned product selection that is all about preserving, baking and presenting in jars. The main elements of our assortment are products of the Italian manufacturer Bormioli Rocco and the German traditional brand WECK®. Beyond that we sell the Lock-Eat series of the Italian company Luigi Bormioli and jars of the French brand Le Parfait.

You will find Einkochwelt® products in each well-assorted (food) shop in Germany. With Einkochwelt® consumers have a consistent, thorough and versatile presentation of wares for this kind of topic. For resellers we deliver individual and flexible possibilities for seasonal and promotional campaigns culminating in year-round placements which are attractive and strong-selling – starting with single items, cardboard and wooden displays and modules for standard shelving systems.

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