Ham in aspic with egg

For 10 WECK® mini mold jars à 2.82 fl. oz (80 ml)

Ingredients for the aspic:

4 sheet


1 cup (250 ml) 


1/4 cup (50 ml) 

fruit vinegar


salt & pepper

1 dash

cayenne pepper

1 dash


6 hard-boiled eggs (size M)
0.44 lb (200 g)  cooked ham
1 tablespoon fine cut parsley


Ingredients for the remoulade:

0.55 lb (250 g) 


0.11 lb (50 g)

pickled cucumber, fine cubes

0.04 lb (20 g)

capers, fine cut

2 anchovy fillets, fine cut
1 teaspoon mustard (medium hot)
2 tablespoons

fine cut herbals (parsley, tarragon, chervil)

  salt & pepper
  possibly some cucumber stock


For the potatoes:

2.20 lb (1 kg) 

waxy potatoes

4 tablespoons

sunflower oil

0.22 lb (100 g) 


  salt & pepper
1 tablespoon fine cut parsley



Soak the gelatine in water. Boil up half of the bouillon in a pot. Squeeze out the gelatine, add it to the bouillon and let it melt completely. Add the rest of the bouillon and the vinegar. Taste it with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and sugar. Put it at a cool place- but it shouldn't jelly.

Peel the eggs and cut them into stripes. Cut the ham in little cubes and mix it with the parsley. Dab the jars with a bit of jelly. Place the egg stripes against the jar wall. Fill in the ham-parsley-mix, fill it up with the jelly. Put the jars into the fridge and let them firm up.

Fill the mayonnaise in a bowl and mix in the hackled pickled cucumber, capers and anchovy fillets. Mix in the mustard and fine cut herbals. Taste it all with salt and pepper. Eventually, you need to thin it down with some cucumber brew.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Wash them for about 10 minutes, to wash out the starch. Dry the cubes thorough. Heat up oil in a pan and roast the potatoes golden brown about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, peel the onions and cut them into fine cubes. Add them to the potatoes and fry them, too. Spice it with salt, pepper and parsley.

Arrange the ham aspic with the remoulade plus the roasted potatoes and serve it.

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