Coconut rice pudding with orange-papaya-ragout

For 8 Weck®-mold jars à 5.81 fl.oz (165 ml)


Ingredients for the orange-papaya-ragout:



5.28 fl.oz (150 ml)   

orange juice

0.11 lb (50 g)


1 teaspoon 



mellow papaya (about 0.66 lb / 300 g)


Ingredients for the rice-pudding:

1 cup (250 ml)   

coconut milk

1 cup (250 ml)


0.33 lb (150 g)

short grain rice

1 pinch

of salt

0.13 lb (60 g)


¾ cup (200 ml)  cream


In addition:

  • The zest of half an natural orange
  • Mark of a vanilla pod
  • Mint for decoration




Fillet the Oranges: Cut the top and the bottom, put the oranges vertical on a worktop & cut of the skin top down in segments. Cut between the barriers and release the fillets. Cut them into halves. Keep the rest of fruit juice from the rest of fruit flesh.


Add the sugar into a cooking pot and let it melt into caramel. Deglazing it with orange juice. Simmer it, until the caramel melts. Stir the starch in a bit of cold water, add it to the (cooking) orange juice and let it boil up once. Take it from the stove and mix in the orange fillets.

Cut the Papaya into halves, remove the kernels with a spoon, peel the halves and cut them into cubes of 2.54 inch (1 cm). Add them to the oranges, slightly mixing and leave them to cool down.


For the ride-pudding, put the coconut milk and the milk in an appropriate big pot & let it boil up. Add the rice, salt, sugar, the zest of the orange, and the mark of a vanilla pod. Reduce the temperature and let it simmer for about 25-30 minutes. Keep stirring. Take it from the stove and let it cool down.


Whip the cream stiff and gently fold it in.


Fill the jars with the rice-pudding and put it into the fridge for an hour. Arrange the fruit ragout on top of the rice-pudding, decorate it with mint and serve it.

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