Little salmon layer salad

For 4 WECK® mold jars à 5.63 fl oz (160 ml)


0.39 lb (180 g) 




0.26 lb (120 g)

piece of a salmon

1 tablespoon


¼ cup (150 g)

greek yogurt cream

1 teaspoon

lemon juice

1 teaspoon

olive oil

½ teaspoon

horseradish cream




Also: Dill for decorating



Peel the cucumber, cut it lengthwise, remove the kernels with a spoon and cut the cucumber into cubes. Put it into a bowl, dredge it with salt and let it marinade for 30 minutes. After that, put it on a kitchen paper and pat it dry.

Cut the salmon into cubes, too. Arrange half of the salmon into the jars, put half of the cucumber on top of it and pile the rest of both ingredients on top of each other. Sprinkle it with dill.

Add yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, horseradish cream and dill, mix it in a bowl and stir it until smooth. Taste it with salt and pepper. Arrange the yogurt on top of the 4 jars. Until serving, put it into the fridge. Decorate it with dill.




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