Yogurt Cream with Grapefruit

For 6 WECK® tulip jars à 7.74 fl oz (220 ml)

Ingredients for the cream:

4 sheets

white gelatine


red grapefruit (about 0.66 lb / 300 g)


white grapefruit (about 0.66 lb / 300 g)

0.66 lb (300 g)  

natural yogurt

1 bag

vanilla sugar

0.17 lb (80 g)


1 cup (200 ml)


Also: mint for decoration.


Let the gelatine soak in water.

Fillet the grapefruits: Cut the top and the bottom, put the grapefruit vertical on a worktop & cut of the skin top down in segments. Cut between the barriers and release the fillets. Cut them into halves. Squeeze out the rest of the juice – you can use it for later. (about 5.28 fl.oz / 150 ml)

Add yogurt, vanilla sugar, sugar and the grapefruit juice into a bowl and mix it. Squeeze the gelatine tightly, put it in a little bowl and let it melt in a hot water-bath. Stir it right now into the yogurt. Whisk cream until stiff. Shortly before it jells, gently fold it in the yogurt cream.

Arrange the grapefruit fillets in the jars, put the cream on top, smooth the surface and let it firm up in the fridge.

Before serving, take it from the fridge and decorate it with mint.

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