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Weck - the traditional German brand


WECK® is the traditional brand round about preserving. Since 116 years, those 4 letters and the strawberry logo stands for home-mades. But much more can be done with WECK® products: appetizer and desserts, dips and dressings, freshly salads, smoothies and also baking in round-rim jars like cakes or tarts.

WECK Products

Weck® Mold Jars

From 2.7 fl.oz (80 ml)
to 28.7 fl.oz (850 ml)

WECK® Tulip Jars

From 7.4 fl.oz (220 ml)
to 91.3 fl.oz (2700 ml)

WECK® Deco Jars

From 7.4 fl.oz (220 ml)
to 35.9 fl.oz (1062 ml)

WECK® Cylindrical Jars

From 11.5 fl.oz (340 ml)
to 50.7 fl.oz (1590 ml)

WECK® Juice Jars

From 8.4 fl.oz (290 ml)
to 35.9 fl.oz (1062 ml)

WECK® Convex Jars

From 7.0 fl.oz (200 ml)
to 12.5 fl.oz (370 ml)


WECK®-Jars in practical
double and triple tray-packagings