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Einkochwelt Product Overview

Produktübersicht Einkochwelt

Einkochwelt – Enjoyment in jars

Preserving is up to date. From generations to generations, young and old rediscover the value and the quality of home-made groceries. But it's not only about canning and the classical preserving - like in old grandmothers' days. It's about serving, presenting dishes & beverages as well as baking in jars, appetizer & dessert plus the topic decoration.

In that, we present you a whole range of products to find the right packings for you and your home-made delicacies plus useful accessories. Together with tips, advices and recipes, we'd like to fill the Einkochwelt with life - and with your help, too.

You will find Einkochwelt products in well-assorted household-departments and food trades.

Product selection

WECK® Logo

The classical one, newly discovered:Jars and bottles from the traditional brand WECK®




also named jam jars, in different sizes and shapes. For preserved pickles, jam and so on.




Bottles for home-made juices, lemonades and liqueurs – you´ll get them in the Einkochwelt, too.

Bormioli rocco

Italian lifestyle of glass.You´ll find it in every Italian, French and Spanish home.




The subtle alternative for canning, serving & decorating.




Rubber rings, clamps, deco cards and more.